Many people at some point feel they need support with the struggles in their life or a safe space to explore how their life can become more fulfilling.

At Iasis we do not believe there is only one method for your therapy. We take an integrative approach, and work with you to determine the best way forward for you as an individual.

Contact us today regarding any combination of the following difficulties:

addictions/drug and alcohol misuse
anger management
eating disorders
issues at work
low self-esteem
obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
panic disorder/attacks
relationship problems
searching for direction and meaning
self development
sexual issues
stress management


Contact us at info@iasispsychotherapy.co.uk
to enquire about availability.

Please include your full name, a contact number and what times you are able to attend sessions.

Alternatively you may prefer to make contact with an individual therapist.

Dr Clare Mansfield

Phone: 07970 449907
Email:  Clare

Dr Emily Ollman‑Hirt

Phone: 07769 698669
Email:  Emily

Dr Mirjam Klann Thullesen

Phone: 07722 732799
Email:  Mirjam

We are each registered as graduate members of the British Psychological Society and abide by their code of ethics