Iasis is a psychology, psychotherapy and counselling consortium of three therapists, who work in the areas of London, South Norfolk and Bath/Frome, and online.

We have all trained in the Integrative psychotherapy modality, placing emphasis on change at a deeper level, and in addition are all Counselling Psychologists with doctorates. We work across the board with psychological problems of all kinds, but beyond this have also developed our own individual specialisms (see under ‘therapists’).

At Iasis we believe that psychotherapy gives a person the opportunity to explore and better understand themselves and their relationships, and discover ways of living more resourcefully.

iasis definition: a healing/cure


Contact us at info@iasispsychotherapy.co.uk
to enquire about availability.

Please include your full name, a contact number and what times you are able to attend sessions.

Alternatively you may prefer to make contact with an individual therapist.

Dr Clare Mansfield

Phone: 07970 449907
Email:  Clare

Dr Emily Ollman‑Hirt

Phone: 07769 698669
Email:  Emily

Dr Mirjam Klann Thullesen

Phone: 07722 732799
Email:  Mirjam

We are each registered as graduate members of the British Psychological Society and abide by their code of ethics